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Owning a racehorse is not just for the wealthy few, but open to all. There are a number of decisions that you need to make before becoming a racehorse owner.

  • The type of ownership in which you wish to engage, individual, partnership, syndicate, racing club or company ownership.
  • The type of horse you want to race – Flat or National Hunt.
  • The amount of money you are willing to invest.


  • Possibility of substantial prize money to be won, increased by 13m in 2001, thanks to the Irish Government, with the minimum value of all races increasing significantly in 2001.
  • Success will mean your horse’s value increasing significantly.
  • Tremendous social side to racing to be enjoyed.
  • Ideal vehicle for entertaining business clients.
  • The privileges available when watching your horse race.
  • The thrill of a lifetime which is owning a racehorse.

Different Types of Ownership:

Individual Ownership

  • Most popular form of ownership in Irish racing.
  • Individual option enables single owner to decide upon such issues as registration of colours and the horse’s name, etc.
  • When wishing to get involved in individual ownership, one must complete the registration process with Turf Club.

Partnership Ownership

  • Consists of 2 to 4 people.
  • All partners must be registered as owners.
  • Can run in the name of all the partners.

Syndicate Ownership

  • Consists of 2 to 20 members.
  • All members must sign the Registration of Syndicates form.
  • The horse is leased to one member of the syndicate, who must be a registered owner.
  • This person is considered the registered agent for the syndicate and is regarded as the sole owner for racing purposes.

Company Ownership

    • Give your employees a day out.
    • A company may own and run a racehorse in its name and carry logo on paddock sheet etc.
    • This approval must be gained through application to the Turf Club.

The company must appoint a registered agent, ideally a company director or company

  • secretary.
  • This is tax efficient.
  • The agent must sign the necessary registration forms on behalf of the company.


Racing Club

  • May own and run a horse, or horses, and can consist of unlimited members.
  • All the above come with unrestricted visitors to see your horse at home and working on the gallops. Party of up to 100 catered for — morning brunch etc.
  • N.B. — There’s no guarantee that a horse will WIN!